Friday, May 16, 2008

thing 23

it's so hard to choose a favorite thing. I loved, google docs, and finding out about I also think that wikis can be so useful when working in a group.
what I liked the least is that sometimes there is so much crap to look through before you find the good stuff. also, sometimes I think that sites would be more useful if they were designed better. for example, I hated technorati because it was a bland looking page, jam-packed with text. I didn't want to spend any time at all looking through it. if it was designed better, I might not have felt that way.
I think that google docs and wikis are the best ways to do colaborative work. I also think that we need to promote things like listenNJ and NetLibrary to make our patrons more aware of them.
I tell everyone about because I think it's a great way to back up your book marks and it's convenient if you work on multiple computers.

So that's the end of the web things challenge. it's been fun and interesting. thanks!

thing 22... the end is near!

I think this is a great service. The only thing that really bothers me is that it doesn't work with macs/ipods because that's what I use at home. I was glad to see that the parent company is working on fixing this.
Overall ListenNJ is easy to use and I think we need to make our partons more aware of it. A little while ago I helped a gentleman set up an account and asked him to let me know how it worked for him. He came back yesterday and told me that in order to get around the file expiring in 2 weeks, he just changed the date on his computer. He also had purchased an mp3 player just for books (he has one that he uses for music) and said that 2gb is plenty of space. I'm really glad that he came back because I had only used it at work and not on an mp3 player.

thing 21

I found a podcast called comedy4cast it's entertaining and never more than 4 min. I think podcasts work best when they're not too long.
It was interesting to see how many podcasts there are and how big of a variety there is.

Monday, May 12, 2008

thing 20

this is possibly the cutest thing I've ever seen.
it's a video of 2 otters in a zoo, floating around while holding hands. seriously, this is some major cuteness here. watching it may make you want to hug someone.
you have been warned.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

thing 19

I'm a little bit in love with It's a calendar of events for whatever region you are in. People can browse through and see what events are similar to ones that they already like. I could use this to publicise programs that I'm having at my branch. All you need is a yahoo account. This could be a great way to reach people who are not regular library users. I'm really excited that I found it!

thing 18

I used google docs when putting together the summer reading list for TR middle schools. It was great because several of us could view and edit the document, It was much easier than if we had had to email an updated file to everyone in the goup every time it was changed. If we didn't use google docs, there certainly would have been confusion as to what was the most recent copy.

thing 17

I had fun playing in the sandbox. It was interesting to see the variety of interests of the other bloggers. The crazy fonts gave it a playful feel.
I think a wiki could be useful to coordinate any project that a group is working on. Like the video showed, email is not efficient when you're dealing with a group.